14 SUPER-SEXY GIFs To Help You Pose Like 'Jealous' Star Nick Jonas

22 January 2015, 08:16

Nick Jonas Topless

If you want to look as mighty fine as Mr. Jonas next time someone whips out their phone for an Insta-snap, read on for our top posing tips, courtesy of Nick!

Nick Jonas is ABS-olutely hot stuff right now thanks to some incredible new music (EVERYONE is loving 'Jealous' right now), a new image... and some VERY sexy photo shoots that mostly involve the US pop hunk stripping off.

So to celebrate the willing objectification of the male adonis that is Mr. Jonas, check out our handy guide for how to perfect the 'Chains' star's incredible photo shoot poses... and just maybe some of that sex appeal will rub off!


1. It looks like Nick is tensing pretty much EVERY muscle in his body for this shot from the trailer for Careful What You Wish For. Sadly this is SO not what we look like getting out of the pool...


2. When you're ready for that money shot make sure you rock the 'Turn & Smile'... and flex those guns of course!


3. *WARNING* Mixing up an Elvis-style quiff, a bicep flex and a pair of puppy dog eyes can be a dangerous combination if you don't want to be accosted by swooning ladies IMMEDIATELY.


4. Crouching down during a cheeky snap means it's unclear how short you are (good for the vertically challenged of us) PLUS... it gives you another opportunity to give those biceps a squeeze


5. Staring off soulfully in the distance could give you a winning snapshot... but only if you've got cheekbones as good as Mr. Jonas here!


6. It's all about HOLDING that pose... no matter how close that darned photographer gets! #GetOuttaMyGrill


7. Nick DEFINITELY doesn't have an issue with rocking that whole vulnerable-but-still-sexy-as-hell vibe. We're struggling to master it ourselves...


8. Who CARES about fashion faux-pas? If you want to rock a trilby AND a leather jacket... go for it! #YOLO


9. OK, so we're starting to think Nick doesn't actually HAVE an off switch for those bulging biceps of his? Not that we're complaining...


10. AGAIN with the puppy eyes? Wait...sorry... lost our trail of thought while gazing into Nick's soul for a second there...


11. Only let that cheeky photographer zoom in if you're skin is as PORE PERFECT as 'Jealous' star Nick. Otherwise... put that filter on quick!


12. If people's only criticism of your look is that it's a tad too much like Justin Timberlake... you're definitely doing SOMETHING right!


13. If you're going to go suited and booted in an effort to turn heads, be brave and go for a double-breasted suit. Only a true GOD among men can pull this look off...


14. And don't forget... a few cheeky push-ups before getting pictured will go a LONG way towards making sure those arms are popping out of your sleeves. Why let all that hard work at the gym (LOL) go to waste?


What a POSER, eh? (KIDDING: we love you Nick!)


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