"Chin Wag... It's Like A Bro-Down!" Does Nick Jonas REALLY Know British Slang?

19 April 2015, 06:00

So he may have screaming girls following him all over the world - but could he actually understand a British girlfriend?

We've lost count of how many times girls have Tweeted us asking for Nick's phone number (FYI, it's 07742 JOKES!!!), but do you REALLY think it would work out?

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Americans may speak English, but can a relationship really work if your man doesn't understand that you're "pulling his leg"?

How about when you say you've gone for a "chin wag"? Nah, he gets that - you've been on a bro down!

To put him to the test, we armed Roman with a list of our favourite slang terms and quizzed the former Jo-Bro.

Is he boyf-worthy? Hit play above and find out!

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