Niall Horan Is Recording New Music Whilst In Quarantine As He Shares Glimpse Of Home Studio

8 April 2020, 11:26

Niall Horan is back with some more hits
Niall Horan is back with some more hits. Picture: Instagram

Niall Horan has been self-isolation just like the rest of us and is spending his time recording new songs.

Niall Horan has been interacting with fans throughout his time in quarantine and shared the news that he’s blessing us with new music.

The ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ hitmaker recently dropped his second album ‘Heartbreak Weather’ and is now using his self-isolation time seriously productively.

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Taking to Instagram stories, he took a snap in his home studio setup, penning: “And we are up and running.

“This will take some of the boredom away.”

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The One Direction star has been non-stop with the bangers lately, as he's frequently been taking to Instagram live to put on acoustic performances for fans.

One commented: “Anyone else just really want an acoustic version of the whole album after listening to all of niall’s live streams???” And we couldn’t agree more!

The 26-year-old also joined Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show: At Home Edition to serenade us with an acoustic rendition of his song ‘Dear Patience’.

Niall shared the full-length video on Instagram, writing: "Dear Patience is a song I wrote at a time when I felt like I needed to be more patient with things and now that we’re all holed up at home, it feels like we could all use a little patience."

"Thanks to my bud @jimmyfallon for having me on his show to perform this the other day. Hope you’re all well x . [sic],” he added.

Fans were quick to praise him for bringing light to their quarantine, with one commenting: “This is beautiful Niall, I love this song so much."

"I'm so proud of you!! Dear patience is such a beautiful song! We love you xx [sic],” added another.

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