Niall Horan Opens Up About Heartbreak & Admits 'I'm A Bad Communicator In Relationships'

17 March 2020, 11:56

Niall Horan admits he's bad at communicating in relationships
Niall Horan admits he's bad at communicating in relationships. Picture: PA/ Instagram @NiallOfficial

Niall Horan's opening up about his past relationships and heartbreak- suitable seeing as his album is titled 'Heartbreak Weather', and the singer isn't holding back about his flaws.

Niall Horan is getting pretty candid about heartbreak and what he's like in a relationship in an interview with The Fault, admitting he's a bad communicator but says songwriting helps him to vent his emotions, and we Stan an emotional king.

Niall Horan's Heartbreak Weather Is Here- 3 Things You Missed In The Album

The 'Put A Little Love On Me' singer told the publication: "I’m a bad communicator in relationships. I struggle to talk about things. I don’t like to let things build up in me and songwriting does help get it out but it can happen too late."

The former One Direction star has been open about his second album tracing a failed relationship of his- with all the ups and downs that comes with it, but has been wary not to make too much music that 'makes you feel sorry for yourself'- and judging from fans' reactions to the record, it definitely doesn't do that!

Having the question 'what is your fault' put to him, Niall also confessed: "I’m bad at being a 'celebrity' probably because I don’t like to think of myself as a celebrity. I’m a normal fella with the same faults as everyone else!?"

The 26-year-old has been chatting to fans on Twitter, determined to get his album to number one, starting a hashtag and interacting endlessly on Twitter- even using #HoranAHome to suggest people give the record a listen during this strange old period of isolation!

So, if you haven't given the album a whirl yet- get to it! You can hear all about Niall's heartbreak and it's a fabulous listen.

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