Ne-Yo reveals origin of hat style

He's one of the most stylish men we know, but Ne-Yo has admitted that his trademark hat was originally to cover an embarrassing receding hairline.

He revealed today: "The men in my family start losing their hair really early on. My hair started receding when I was just 13. So that was why I originally started wearing hats. Then I got super-confident with who I am, but they were already part of my look, so the hats stayed"

Since his first album 'In My Own Words' in 2006, Ne-Yo has released three studio albums, and has his fourth, 'Libra Scale', scheduled for release in September 2010. During this time he has rarely been seen without head gear of some sort, although he denies having a 'lucky hat'.

"Once you've worn something and someone's taken a picture of it, that's it. You can never wear it again. So I can't have a lucky hat, T-shirt or shoes."

Ah yes, the tough celebrity lifestyle. Ne-Yo, we're sure you wouldn't have it any other way.

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