Ne-Yo demands "no sitting"

Ne-Yo's promising fans a big Summertime Ball performance but warns them they have a part to play.

The Grammy award winner's first priority is to get on stage, "Let me see, 80,000 people, the historic Wembley Stadium, don't want fall or do anything to make yourself look stupid, I’ll just get up there and give my 200% and that should be good. What I want from the audience is 100% energy, I do not need anyone sitting down.

"I know there are seats but I need you all up on your feet the whole time I’m on stage, the whole time J-Lo's on stage and Cee-Lo. Do not come to this show to sit down, you wanna sit down watch it at home, we need energy, we’re gonna be up there killing ourselves, literally, coz the stage is really, really big and it takes a whole lot of energy to cover that stage."

But for the 'Beautiful Monster' star The Summertime Ball is more than just performing, "I'm gonna watch as many as I can, I’m a huge fan of Jessie J, Cee-Lo of course, J-Lo of course, Enrique Iglesias, I heard JLS are here, I’m in really good company so I’m just gonna watch as many acts as I can and then get on stage and do what I do."