Nathan Sykes gave fans some VERY exciting news - confirming that a new version of his single 'Over And Over Again' is on the way with a secret featured artist.

WATCH: Newlywed Couple Have Their First Dance To Nathan Sykes' 'Over And Over Again'!

And it's Ariana Grande who featured on the brand new reworked duet!

The pair's new duet got its first play on the Capital Breakfast show on Friday, 15 January 2016 and the fans could NOT get enough of it - especially as it's out to download now right here.

We got our first BIG clue about who it could be after Ariana Grande tweeted lyrics to Nathan's huge 2014 hit single - before Nathan himself retweeted the 'Problem' singer!

Nathan Sykes dropped 'Over And Over Again' as his second solo single release after 'Kiss Me Quick'.