Miley Cyrus' New Song 'We Can't Stop' Originally Intended For Rihanna

29 July 2013, 11:51

The 'Party In The USA' star's new hit single was written for 'Diamonds' star Rihanna first.

Miley Cyrus' producer Mike WiLL Made It has revealed that her new song 'We Can't Stop' was originally meant for Rihanna.

The US superstar is preparing to drop her heavily hyped new single, after achieving a huge amount of views for the song's music video on YouTube, but American producer Mike Williams says he wrote the track with Bajan pop star Rihanna in mind.

"Yeah it was an idea for Rihanna," Mike admitted to Life & Times this week. "I did the track with Rihanna in mind, but I think it was a better fit for Miley.

"Rihanna never heard it though," he clarified. "She heard 'Pout It Up' and she just did 'Pour It Up'.

"Me sending that record to Rihanna and her not hearing it - it must've not been meant for her. You know what I"m saying?" the producer explained. "But 'Pour It Up' was and it ended up going platinum, 'We Can't Stop' ended up going platinum for Miley, so it all worked itself out."

Check out a picture of Miley Cyrus on Daybreak last week below (Credit: Rex Features):

It was also revealed this week that Miley will debut her rapping skills on a collaboration with Mike WiLL Made It on his new song '22'.

Miley Cyrus will officially release 'We Can't Stop' on 4th August.