Miley Cyrus Sees Herself As Mentor To Justin Bieber: "I Tell Him Not To Become A Joke"

25 September 2013, 11:35

The 'We Can't Stop' singer says she has told the teen heartthrob to stop his off-stage behaviour.

Miley Cyrus has revealed she sees herself as a bit of a mentor to Justin Bieber and has wanted him not to "become a joke" with his off-stage antics.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer, who unveiled the director's cut to her latest music video this week, says she often gives the 'Boyfriend' star advice and warns him not to "f**k up" with his actions.

"I do mentor him in a way," Miley reveals in the October issue of Rolling Stone. "Because I've been doing this s**t for a long time and I already transitioned.

"And I don't think he's quite done yet, he's trying really hard," she continued. 'People don't take him seriously, but he really can play the drums, he really can play guitar, he really can sing.

"I just don't want to see him f**k that up to where people think he's Vanilla Ice!" Miley added. "I tell him that, like, 'you don't want to become a joke. When you go out don't' start s**t, don'e come in shirtless'.

Check out a picture Justin Bieber shared with fans last week below (Credit: Instagram):

"But the thing is, I think boys are like, seven years behind," she joked. "So in his head he's really, like, 12!"

Miley Cyrus releases her brand new album 'Bangerz' on 7th October.