Miley Cyrus Beats Beyoncé, Michael Jackson To Win 'Best Celebrity Dance'

2 April 2014, 11:09

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour 2014

The singer tops a nationwide poll of the best dance moves for her trademark twerking.

Miley Cyrus beaten the likes of Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and Madonna in a list of best celebrity dance moves. 

The singer's trademark twerking won her the title of most popular celebrity dancer in a nationwide poll of the ten best famous dance moves by The London Cabaret Club. 

Cyrus's controversial moves were voted more popular than Jackson's iconic Moonwalk and Madonna's legendary 'Vogue' routine. 

The star's father Billy Ray Cyrus finished tenth on the list for his line dancing moves in the music video for 'Achy Breaky Heart'. 

Elsewhere on the poll, South-Korean rapper Psy placed fourth for his 'Gangnam Style' routine, while Village People's famous 'YMCA' dance finished seventh. 

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that a US college is to make Cyrus the subject of a sociology course on "cultural conflict".