Miley Cyrus Says She Is "Not Worried" About Alienating Fans With New Style And Sound

22 July 2013, 11:03

The 'Can't Stop' singer also opens up about her time as Hannah Montana during her younger days.

Miley Cyrus says she isn't worried about alienating her younger fans with her new risqué image and musical style.

The former Disney star, who rose to fame aged 14 on the Hannah Montana show, explains that she is finally at a place where use is doing work she loves and is proud of.

Miley also hints that she didn't enjoy her earlier image and work but says people have to do somethings they don't want to to "get where they want to be".

"I'm not really worried about alienating fans," Miley told The Sun this week. "Everyone has to work on the things that they don't care about to get where they want to be.

"I had to do that for five years but I knew when I was older I would be able to do what I wanted eventually," she explained. "Everyone has to work on something they don't love to get to something they do love."

Check out a picture of Nicole Scherzinger and Miley Cyrus walking hand in hand on their night out below:

The 'Can't Stop' singer was over in the UK this past weekend where she was spotted enjoying a big night out on Saturday (20th July) with The X Factor UK judge Nicole Scherzinger.

Miley and Nicole were pictured heading out from London's Cirque Le Soir nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning while holding hands.

Last week Miley confirmed that her new album will boast a team-up with, while promising a director's cut of her 'Can't Stop' music video if the promo hits 100 million YouTube views.

Miley Cyrus releases new single 'Can't Stop' on 4th August.