Cher Lloyd: I Messed Up 'Cooler Than Me'

Mike Posner has told Capital's Showbiz Reporter Kevin Hughes that Cher Lloyd apologised to him when they first met.

Cher performed "Cooler than Me" on X Factor last year which helped Mike achieve a Top 10 hit here in the UK. Mike told us "It was cool to hang out with Cher but she was really apologetic when we first meet. She was like, 'I'm so sorry I messed up your song'. But I said to her, 'listen you made a million jillion people hear my song, so thank you'."
Mike also confirmed that he's worked on a track for Cher's debut album out later this year. "We were in the studio last week working on a track and it was cool man. I'm not sure what it's called yet. Sometimes you work on songs and have no idea what it's called but that's up to her to announce."
So what about Mike's next album? "Well, I'm about 30 songs into my new album and I wanna get that down to around 10 or 15. I can tell you that the new album will be going in the same direction but it'll be better. I've got a lot better at singing, writing and producing since making my first album and it's just so exciting that the UK has embraced me and I definitely know that I'm getting better."
Mike's collaboration with Lil Wayne, 'Bow Chicka Wow Wow' is out now and Wayne also appears in the video.
So what's it like hanging out with Lil Wayne?

"We had a lot of fun shooting the video and I loved trying to make him laugh because he has a mouth full of diamonds for teeth."