Moonwalking Jackson Fans Mob London Station

Hundreds of Michael Jackson fans have danced in the streets of London to celebrate their hero's life.

At a "flash mob" gathering held outside Liverpool Street station the crowd cheered and held Michael Jackson pictures in the air as the party started with Billie Jean, followed by Thriller and Bad.

Scores of mobile phone cameras were lifted into the air filming people dressed in the superstar's attire and singing his most famous hits.

After the third and final song, Bad, was played, the fans booed and started chanting: "We want more."

To the delight of the spectators, Billie Jean was played again and a small circle was formed in the middle of the crowd for people wanting to show off their moonwalking talent.

After the event, some fans went to a pub to have a celebratory drink and toast the star.

The event was organised by Milo Yiannopoulls who invited people through social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to moonwalk for Michael.

He said: "Somebody said it as a joke on Twitter at about nine thirty this morning that we should do this mass thing in Liverpool Street station.

"I thought that's funny, and then a couple of minutes later, I thought no let's actually do it."

Mr Yiannopoulls later paid tribute to Michael Jackson.

"Well obviously everybody's interested in the scandal and controversy, but really I think his legacy is the music, as we're here to enjoy the music."


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