Michael Jackson addicted to surgery

Michael Jackson's mother has admitted her son was addicted to drugs and plastic surgery.

Katherine Jackson's told the Oprah Winfrey Show that his personality changed after accusations of child abuse made against him and first turned to cosmetic treatments because he didn't want Vitiligo to leave him 'like a spotted cow'.

In 1993 Michael claimed to have only undergone two cosmetic procedures, something Katherine denied.

"He had more than two, he was just embarrassed. I hear that people get addicted to plastic surgery, and I think that's what happened to him. I said, that's enough."

At one point Katherine even asked Michael's surgeon to pretend that he had operated on the nose. She says it got so small it was "like a toothpick at one time".

"I had told him: 'That's enough, why do you keep going?'" she said.

she even once asked her son's surgeon to pretend that he had operated on the pop singer's nose if he ever asked for another surgery,
reports the Telegraph.

Michael JacksonKatherine said that her son found himself ugly when he was an adolescent and later "one-day made up his mind to get his nose done."

She said she spoke to the surgeon because MJ's nose was getting smaller from repeated operations and looked "like a toothpick at one time."