Jackson is No 1

Michael Jackson is this year's top earning dead celebrity.

His death sparked tributes around the world and also led us to spend, spend, spend on his music and videos to the tune of $275 million, that around £175 million.

Forbes magazine has revealed a top 13 list. Jackson brought in more than the other 12 celebrities put together.

Elvis is second, much of his $60 million coming from his Graceland home, which is now a museum.

Here's he rest of the Top 5

No 3: J.R.R. Tolkien - author of "The Lord of the Rings"
No 4: Charles Schulz - creator of Charlie Brown and Snoopy
No 5: John Lennon - who would have turned 70 this year.

Last year's No 1 was fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent with $350 million after the sale of much of his estate.