Michael Jackson Debuts New Music Video For ‘A Place With No Name’ With Unseen Footage

15 August 2014, 12:24

The video for the second single from ‘Xscape’ has been released, featuring never before seen footage of Michael Jackson

The music video for the second release from Michael Jackson’s posthumous album had dropped on Twitter – and it features never before seen footage of Michael.

‘A Place With No Name’ is the second single to be released from ‘Xscape’ and uses outtakes and behind the scenes footage from his 1992 single ‘In The Closet’.

The video dropped on Twitter last night - sending MJ fans into a frenzy with the new footage – and became the first video to ever premiere on Twitter.

As well as the first play on Twitter, it was simultaneously shown on the Sony screen in Times Square in New York.

With a whole album and new footage emerging after Michael Jackson’s death, who knows what else the original Prince of Pop has in store for fans next?!

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