McFly's Super City

Fancy a rummage round Dannys bedroom? Or intruding on Tom writing a song? How about meeting McFly in person?

Well it's all possible if you sign up to McFly's new hi-tech website Super City.

Two years in the making and funded by the Jingle Bell Ball stars themselves, Super City was inspired by graphic novels and interactive computer games. The site has citizens rather than visitors, whose aim is to increase their status, not by spending money, but by interacting with the band and other fans. By earning points, fans can achieve Gold Citizen status, which allows them to unlock further levels of band access.

"Super City doesnt look or work like any other website," says singer Tom. "We created new ways of interacting with fans and supplying them with music. We ignored all the old rules about what bands can and cant do. With Super City, our fans never have to buy a McFly album again. They get unrivalled access to us. They get a say in what we play at shows and which songs we release. They can talk to us through the site or, if they reach a certain status, come early to our concerts and meet us."

The idea for Super City took root when McFly discovered, almost by accident, how large a fanbase they had all over the globe. During their first spell with major label Universal, their albums were released only in Britain. When they went independent, they found they could sell out shows everywhere from Australia to South America they shifted 12,000 tickets in Sao Paolo alone. When they took to Twitter, over 300,000 fans started following them.

"The idea was to create one place where fans from all over the world could get together and access as much McFly content as we can produce at the same time, wherever they live," says the bands manager Matthew Fletcher. Weve built a site that not only looks spectacular, but goes way beyond any other web experience. The boys arent precious about anything. Both personally and professionally, either bravely or foolishly, they will welcome fans into their lives through Super City.
All four members of McFly have designed their own fantasy bedrooms, where they will post personal content.

"With Danny, it might be dance remixes or he may run a competition to remix a track from a fan, explains Fletcher. "I know Dougie has his lizards in his room, if anyone needs tips on breeding reptiles! Harry wants to document making over a fans bedroom. Tom, who is the main songwriter, is prepared to post demos through his audio player and even let fans eavesdrop on him songwriting.  We will stream rehearsals live. If the boys have an argument, youre going to see it. There may be a few regrets along the line."

Super City launched today (November 1st). Don't forget McFly will appearing at this year's Jingle Bell Ball.

Super City is at