Martin Garrix Gives Away New Song 'Proxy' For Free - Listen

6 March 2014, 11:31

Martin Garrix

Listen to the 'Animals' DJ's brand new track right now fresh from its unveiling.

Martin Garrix has offered fans the chance to download a brand new song called 'Proxy' for free.

The Dutch DJ and producer posted on Twitter last night (5th March) to thank fans for all of their support over the past year.

After debating for a while Martin then decided to post up the new song 'Proxy' online for fans to download as a thank you.

"Can't get over all the support you guys have shown me this past year," the 'Animals' DJ tweeted. "Maybe I should just give 'Proxy' away for free… what do you guys think?

"OK guys! Here's my new solo track 'Proxy' for free, no strings attached. THANK YOU!" he then posted, alongside a link to the brand new track.

Martin Garrix is set to release his next official single 'Wizard' on 23rd March.