WATCH: Machine Gun Kelly Undergoes Hours Of Make-Up To Remove His Tattoos For The Dirt Movie

27 March 2019, 10:47

Machine Gun Kelly showed off his tattoo transformation for The Dirt.
Machine Gun Kelly showed off his tattoo transformation for The Dirt. Picture: Instagram

Here’s how MGK’s tattoos were covered in order for him to play Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee in the new Netflix movie – and Halsey’s reaction to him without tattoos is priceless.

If you’ve seen The Dirt, you’ll know Machine Gun Kelly looks pretty different without his back and chest covered in tattoos, and he’s revealed the gruelling process he had to go through to cover them up.

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MGK, who plays Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee in the biopic, had to have his colourful tattoos covered up for every day of filming – a process which involved hours in the make-up chair.

He shared a time lapse video of the process, where his body was first covered in a darker flesh colour, before a lighter colour was applied on top to hide the hundreds of colourful tattoos, including his giant Salvador Dali-inspired back tatt.

Later in the movie, you also get to see Tommy Lee’s tattoos, which only increased the length of the process as these then had to be drawn on over the top.

He posted, “This process was everyday for 4 months straight filming The Dirt, and even longer when we had to add Tommy’s tattoos. thanks for the hard work.”

MGK – real name Colson Baker – also shared a video of him showing off his tattoo-free body to his friends on FaceTime, including Halsey, whose reaction is pretty priceless.

Machine Gun Kelly revealed that he had got his first tattoo at just 14 years old, so none of his friends had really seen him without any ink.

The Dirt is currently on Netflix, showcasing the antics of the world’s wildest rock band, Motley Crue.

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