Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Split After She's Spotted With Machine Gun Kelly

20 May 2020, 07:40

Megan Fox splits from husband, Brian Austin Green
Megan Fox splits from husband, Brian Austin Green. Picture: Getty

Brian Austin Green confirmed Megan Fox left him, after a decade of being together, after she was seen in public with rapper, Machine Gun Kelly.

Recently, actress Megan Fox made headlines after she was seen getting coffee and food with 'No More Sad Songs' rapper Machine Gun Kelly, only for her husband to post a rather cryptic post to Instagram.

Now, Brian Austin Green has confirmed in his podcast that the Transformers star has ended their relationship.

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Machine Gun Kelly shows off his skills

Speaking on ...With Brian Austin Green, the actor said that while Megan was away shooting a film - the longest she'd ever been away from her family, he had a dream that she returned and that they were distant.

However, according to him, when she returned from set in real life, the dream became reality; "it was exactly what I had dreamed.

"I gave her a few weeks, I figured, you know, she's been out of the country, she's jet-lagged, she's been shooting nights; I have to give her some time to recoup a little bit and get back into life," he said.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have ended their relationship
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have ended their relationship. Picture: Getty

However, as he went on, he said that Megan called it off with him, as she said she felt more like herself when she was alone, and that she even preferred herself alone.

"I was shocked and I was upset about it, but I can't be upset at her, and I wasn't upset at her because that's - she didn't ask to feel that way; it wasn't a choice she made. That's the way she honestly felt," continued Brian.

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Little Mix feat. Machine Gun Kelly - No More Sad Songs

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star was quick to downplay rumours that Megan was now dating Machine Gun Kelly - whose real name is Colson Baker.

Brian referred to the pair as "just friends at this point," after he mentioned that the pair met on set, also stating that he's never met Machine Gun Kelly.

"I trust her judgment, she's always had really good judgment. I don't want people to think her or he are villains or that I was a victim in any way."

Following the news that Megan was seen with the 'No More Sad Songs' rapper, Brian Austin Green shared a cryptic message to his 365.8k Instagram followers.

Posting a photo of a butterfly, the Beverly Hill, 90210 star wrote "Eventually butterflies get bored sitting on a flower for too long. They start feeling smothered. It’s a great big world and they want to experience it."

While Megan has been dating Brian Austin Green for over a decade - after they met in 2004 on the set of Hope & Faith, and married in 2010 - Megan did file for divorce in 2014.

She apparently had a change of heart after she became pregnant with their third child, Journey.

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