Louis Tomlinson's Reaction To The Royal Baby's Name Is Hilarious

27 April 2018, 16:15 | Updated: 27 April 2018, 16:19

Louis Tomlinson Reacts To Royal Baby Name

There are two Prince Louis in town now, and Mr. Tomlinson already has a special gift in store for Will and Kate's new baby boy...

After days of suspense, pondering and placing of bets since the royal birth about what Prince William and Kate would call their precious little third born- they've only gone and called it Louis!

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For a hot minute we were worried how our #1 Louis (sorry Walsh) was going to react to sharing the crown, literally, with the newborn but he reacted in a totally hilarious way, tweeting he'll take care of little Louis and sort him out with one of his trademark tracksuits, aw!

People couldn't handle this level of cuteness and are getting excited thinking about the force of nature the two Louis will be when they eventually team up and the singer takes His Royal Highness under his wing.

Picture: GIPHY

We genuinely cannot wait for the day uncle Louis takes royal Louis out for his very first tracksuit - we think it should get its own national holiday of its own <3 Adidas, we're ready for that collab when you are?!

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