Louis Tomlinson Fans 'Uncover His Next Collab' On Instagram

17 September 2018, 11:54

Louis Tomlinson Fans Think He's Working With Nile Rodgers
Louis Tomlinson Fans Think He's Working With Nile Rodgers. Picture: PA/Instagram

Louis Tomlinson is busy being a judge on the X Factor right now, but he's also working on new music and fans think they've found his next collaboration.

Having already released three singles and with his debut album on the way, Louis Tomlinson's solo career outside of One Direction appears to be going from strength to strength.

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Whilst fans are eagerly anticipating more new music from the Doncaster lad, many think Louis has hinted that he's about to collab with music legend Nile Rodgers after a couple of 'hints' on Instagram recently.

Nile Rodgers Has Been Linked To Working With Louis Tomlinson
Nile Rodgers Has Been Linked To Working With Louis Tomlinson. Picture: PA

The first hint that Louis is about to make musical magic with Nile Rodgers... he followed him. Louis only follows 194 people, whilst he has 13.9 million followers, so Nile is part of a very select group and that's enough to convince some people of a future collab.

Obviously a follow doesn't always mean a collab, but when you take into account that Louis liked a picture of Nile Rodgers on 'Bills' star Lunchmoney Lewis' Instagram and then followed Nile himself, fans may actually be onto something!

Many fans are convinced this all means something about Louis' upcoming music and took to social media to share their theories with the world...

Whilst we'd absolutely love to see Louis Tomlinson working with another Niall again (see: Sir Niall Horan), we know a song with Nile Rodgers would be an absolute banger too.

Will it happen, or is it all a myth? We'll find out soon!

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