Louis Tomlinson Visits His London Mural To Celebrate Upcoming Debut Album 'Walls'

14 January 2020, 10:36

Louis Tomlinson's 'Walls' mural appears in Brick Lane
Louis Tomlinson's 'Walls' mural appears in Brick Lane. Picture: PA/Louis Tomlinson Instagram

Louis Tomlinson has had a giant mural of his paint and track list of upcoming debut album painted onto a wall, which is fitting as that's the name of his record!

A mural with Louis Tomlinson's face along with the track list, release date and title of his debut album, 'Walls', has popped up on a wall near Brick Lane, London, and it's getting fans seriously excited for the former One Direction member's first album.

The mural, appropriately painted on a wall- the name of the record, also featured a brightly coloured rainbow running along it, which many are wondering is hinting what's to come with Louis' era.

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The 28-year-old star visited the mural along with the artist, Jay Kaes, who painted it, and the lucky fans who were around the area at the same time as him managed to get a snap of him looking his usual casual, cool self!

Louis posted it onto his Instagram, and wrote to his 14 million followers: "This is so sick ! Thanks so much @jaycaes for doing this, and to all of you for watching on the stream. Walls is coming 31st Jan."

Louis' debut album will release on January 31st, and features previously released tracks including 'Two Of Us', 'Kill My Mind', and fans couldn't be more excited to finally have an album from their favourite singer.

The full track list of 'Walls' is as follows:

- Kill My Mind
- Don't Let It Break Your Heart
- Two Of Us
- We Made It
- Too Young
- Walls
- Habit
- Always You
- Fearless
- Perfect Now
- Defenceless
- Only The Brave

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