One Direction Fans Showed Love To Harry Styles During A Louis Tomlinson Meet & Greet

25 October 2019, 17:12

Louis Tomlinson fans rallied for Harry Styles during meet and greet
Louis Tomlinson fans rallied for Harry Styles during meet and greet. Picture: Getty Images

Fans united for One Direction after a Louis Tomlinson meet and greet, posing for a group photo beside photos of Harry Styles's 'Do You Know Who You Are' posters.

Louis Tomlinson held a meet and greet for fans for 100 lucky fans in New York City on Thursday 24th October, when a group of them decided to take a snap beside Harry Styles's promotional posters and prove that the One Direction fandom is more alive than ever.

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Posting to Instagram, a Louis fan page shared the image, explaining the lucky fans to who got the chance to meet the 'We Made It' star gathered around Harry's posters.

They wrote: "Louis did a meet and greet with 100 lucky fans at @aristarecords and after the M&G all the fans gathered around Harry Styles’ ‘do you know who your are’ posters. We love the combination of the pic."

During an interview in New York with Elvis Duran, Louis discussed everything from his time in 1d, to his son, Freddie.

On his tattoos, the 27-year-old said: "I went through a stage... every other weekend getting a new tattoo. Some really questionable ones... I have a penguin on my ass which is not very sexy."

Harry had sent fans into a meltdown when they noticed 'Do You Know What You Mean' posters over various locations including London and LA, following a rare and very cryptic tweet from the 'Lights Up' singer that simply read 'Do.'

The posters were also stamped with 'TPWK', standing for 'treat people with kindness', a slogan that Haz had printed on his merchandise for his first world tour, and one that fans immediately spotted.

Louis debut solo album, Walls, will be released on Jan. 31, and to get fans even more excited for the first ever record from the star outside of One Direction, he dropped dates for a world tour which kicks off in 2020- so it's definitely a good time to be a Louis fan right now.

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