Little Mix Fans Hit Back At Piers Morgan After He Accused Them Of ‘Using Sex To Sell Records’

19 November 2018, 17:24

Totally missed the point?
Totally missed the point? Picture: instagram/ITV

Little Mix probably have one of the most loyal fanbases in the business.

So why Piers Morgan thought it was a good idea to come for the 'LM5' singers we will never know.

The Good Morning Britain host slammed the girls from ‘using sex to sell records’ after they dropped their ‘Strip’ music video. He also accused them of ‘airbrushing’ themselves in the naked shots.

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He said: “If men stripped off like that we'd be arrested but women do it and it's 'empowering'.

"They're stripping off to sell albums, that's what it's about. The rest of it is baloney.

"They don't have any flaws, they've been airbrushed to look perfect.

"They're fake. There's not a mark on them. You can't even see the surgery."

However, fans have pointed out how Piers has ‘completely missed the point’.

One Mixer wrote: “It's not about sex, is not about going naked, it's about stripping our insecurities, show them to the world!”

Another added: “With social media there is a huge pressure for ppl to look a certain way. That's why LM stand against that and want to know that it's okay not to be perfect.”

We thought that was pretty obvious, but apparently not!