Here's What Happened When We Called Little Mix's Shout Out To My Ex Hotline

28 October 2016, 12:06

Little Mix Shout Out To My Ex

Prepare to rant and feel sassy AF.

Erm… you guys… you can TOTALLY get help from the Little Mix ladies on your relationship and your ex now.

Because the girls have set up a Shout Out To My Ex HOTLINE. 

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Remember all those DMC's that you and your friends had when you broke up with someone? Now your friends can be in the form of Jade, Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Anne and it’s cool AF.

In a seriously 90s move, the ladies are now asking you to call their hotline and bitch about your ex. 

When you call the number you’re greeted with the four sassy ladies shouting: “Hey it’s Little Mix here. Welcome to our Shout Out To My Ex telephone hotline. Leave a shoutout to your ex message on our hotline and we’ll be listening and sharing the best ones”.

So maybe don’t go in on your ex TOO MUCH because there is a chance that you’ll be on their social media channels or something in the near future.

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