9 Relatable AF Perrie Edwards Memes Only A True Mixer Will Really Understand

19 October 2017, 16:45

Perrie Edwards Memes

Because Perrie memes are basically the only way we communicate to one another these days.

Paragraphs are overrated, there we said it. Why even bother thinking about full sentences anymore when a photo of Perrie with a couple of words underneath will genuinely make us laugh more than any long winded joke. 

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With that in mind...prepare to enjoy ALL the memes.

1. Those true struggles with the rents...


Yeees Source : @mixersonfleek #PerrieMeme

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2. Because Friday just can't come quick enough.

3. Let's face it, NYE is always a proper let down though.

4. When professional comedians just aren't enough.

5. But..Mr Brooks...why aren't you teaching us about osmosis?!

6. True Jerrie shippers know what the deal is.

7. For those of you who have your priorities straight.

8. This drama is way too real.

9. We are ALL guilty of this...don't lie now...