Little Mix's Jesy Nelson Reveals 'Real Stomach' In Powerful Instagram Post

18 March 2020, 16:18

Jesy Nelson shows off real stomach on Instagram
Jesy Nelson shows off real stomach on Instagram. Picture: Instagram @jesynelson

Jesy Nelson's been getting real about her body on Instagram, showing fans her 'abs' aren't the real her as Little Mix fans praise the singer for her honesty.

Little Mix Jesy Nelson has been getting real about her body on Instagram, revealing her 'abs' aren't her true physique, showing fans her 'real' stomach and letting them know she's learning to accept her body in a seriously honest post.

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The 28-year-old wrote: "I always get a lot of people comment on my abs in photos but I promise you I actually don’t have abs lol... I’m very lucky that when I breath in for me Picys I get these weird little indents that come sometimes look like I have abs."

"Anyway, I’m here to tell you I DON'T have abs ladies and this is what my chocolate loving belly really looks like."

"il never ever be a size 8 which is genuinely what I dreamt of being, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I bloody love my food and that will never change."

"Were all different shapes and sizes and that’s what makes us unique. Il never sit here and preach and say I love my body because I don’t."

"But I’m slowly starting to just except it for what it is and sometimes I’m gonna put on weight and sometimes I’m gonna go to the gym and lose it, either way girlies one day we will be really old and look back at our pics and think god I was actually banging why did i worry so much."

"Anyway I’m rambling on now but your[e] all beautiful in your own ways and I hope you all know that."

Little Mix fans praise Jesy Nelson's honest
Little Mix fans praise Jesy Nelson's honest. Picture: Instagram @jesynelson

Fans and celebs alike have praised the 'Touch' singer for her candid post- reassuring her she has one of the most banging bodies going- but letting her know what an 'inspiration' she is for being so vulnerable over social media.

One fan wrote: "you just made my whole day better baby GO OFF" and another said "Miss Jessica Nelson has spilled the tea everyone! be proud of yourself" and we're feeling a whole lot of love right now.

Jesy's emotional documentary Odd One Out revealed the extent of the trolling she'd received since being famous, winning a National Television Award for Best Factual Entertainment and seeing the singer heralded as courageous for being so raw and open about her struggles.

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