Liam Payne's X Factor Audition: One Direction Singer Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

15 June 2020, 12:47

Liam Payne has thanked fans for their support.
Liam Payne has thanked fans for their support. Picture: instagram

Liam Payne's X Factor audition was 10 years ago!

Liam Payne has posted a sweet throwback to his X Factor audition to mark its 10 year anniversary.

The One Direction singer, who appeared on the 2010 series of the talent show, thanked his fans for their support over the last decade and for putting up with his 'awful' haircuts.

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His post read: "It’s been 10 years today since my X factor audition... and I just read that my first album just hit over 2 billion streams... that scared young man didn’t think that was gunna happen.

"Seriously thank you everyone who’s made this decade of my life possible and to everyone who’s listening thank you for enjoying my music and my bands too.

"P.s. thanks also, for putting up with some awful haircuts like the one above."

Fans of the 'Strip That Down' singer rushed to the comments to tell him how 'proud' they are of everything he has achieved.

One wrote: "We are proud of you Liam. Love you lots."

Another added: "We will always support you and we love you."

One fan joked about his haircut, writing: "This haircut was decent.... the ones that followed shortly after this were errm questionable."

Others demanded One Direction reunite to mark their anniversary.

"We miss all those old good days, please get on to a reunion and make 2020 good," wrote one.

Another added: "Ok now bring One Direction back."

Come on, Liam, you know you want to!

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