WATCH: One Fan Wanted A Shout-Out From Liam Payne, So He Does It... On The Actual #CapitalSTB Stage

10 June 2017, 10:37 | Updated: 1 May 2018, 08:11

Not a bad start to your Saturday, is it?

Liam Payne's notifications must be SWAMPED with adoring fans every three and a half seconds, all asking to meet him/hear from him/smell him, etc.

But we found one that we thought we could help out on; Beckie messaged Liam saying "can you pleaseeeeee give me a shoutout on stage at the Capital summer time ball please?!"

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So we thought we could definitely help out there.

Liam Payne Summertime Ball 2017

While the 'Strip That Down' was sound-checking, prior to the show's BIG kick-off, he rang up Beckie and said "I'm a man who keeps his promise.

"Beckie from Birmingham, please enjoy the Summertime Ball" and even handed it back to Will Cozens like an absolute radio pro. Roman Kemp must be worried that Payno's coming for his job. (We know who we'd rather make tea for in the office.)

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Liam did have to make it up to a fan, to be fair, after he pranked another fan on a lie detector kit...