Liam Payne Was Not ‘Arrested’ Despite Fake Twitter Claims

8 August 2018, 16:34 | Updated: 8 August 2018, 16:37

Liam Payne Reportedly Arrested In Australia
Liam Payne Reportedly Arrested In Australia. Picture: Instagram

Reports that Liam Payne was arrested at Sydney Airport emerged on Twitter this week and they've got fans asking a lot of questions!

Liam Payne was arrested at Sydney Airport in Australia, if you believe everything you read on Twitter.

One Twitter user claimed the 'Familiar' star was taken into custody by Police on Sunday, however other fans have rightly poured cold water on the claims, branding the tweet is fake.

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Taking to Twitter, @_amelija wrote, 'Just saw liam Payne get arrested at Sydney airport', adding the flushed face emoji and her post had Liam fans questioning what exactly had happened.

Comments like 'oh no that's not good' and 'excuse me' flooded the replies, before other Twitter users hit back and revealed the whole situation was a joke.

Some fans were left confused by the claims of Liam being arrested, but the outrageous allegation was dismissed by everyone else as fake news.

The fact that Liam hasn't posted on Instagram since July and hadn't been present on Twitter until 7th August helped the 'Liam Payne arrested' conspiracy theories to flourish, but it seems they've been put to bed now.

At the same time it was being claimed Liam Payne had been arrested in Australia, there were also claims that he'd been spotted in the crowd at 5 Seconds Of Summer's Auckland show, but they were also revealed to be fake.

Why there's so much fake news about Liam Payne flooding the internet right now no one knows, but it kinda needs to stop ASAP.

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