Lewis Capaldi Shows Fans Round The Home He Still Lives In With His Parents

21 February 2020, 15:34 | Updated: 21 February 2020, 15:37

Lewis Capaldi is yet to move out of his parents’ house in Scotland, despite being a millionaire.

In a short film on YouTube titled ‘I’m A God Amongst Men: Becoming Lewis Capaldi’, Lewis, 23, gave fans a tour of his home town and the house he still lives in with his parents.

Returning to his hometown of Bathgate in Scotland after being on the road for weeks, Lewis – who scooped New Artist and New Single at The BRITs on Tuesday – tells fans: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d erected a monument outside my house, or a plaque on the wall.”

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Joking he expects thousands of people to be waiting outside of his house as the taxi pulled into his road, Lewis climbed out of the car to reveal the detached house in a quiet street.

Lewis Capaldi still lives with his parents
Lewis Capaldi still lives with his parents. Picture: Lewis Capaldi/YouTube
Lewis Capaldi showed fans inside the bedroom he's had for 10 years
Lewis Capaldi showed fans inside the bedroom he's had for 10 years. Picture: Lewis Capaldi/YouTube

Lewis then took the camera into his bedroom, saying: “I’ve had a lot of good times spent in between these sheets, I got very hot and sweaty.

“I probably shouldn’t be saying this but I watched the entire Lord of the Rings film series back to back and I was in here for days – I didn’t open any windows, it really locked in the heat. It was disgusting.”

Beside him, a white chest of drawers is overflowing with clothes and items from his childhood, such as a toy car and posters covering his wardrobe.

He also has a rotating sunglasses stand for all of his trademark shades from his iconic Instagram videos.

Later on in the video, Lewis pulled on the turquoise tracksuit he’s worn in so many of his hilarious meme-worthy social media clips.

Lewis is often very open about the fact he’s yet to move out of the family home.

Last year he shared an Instagram Story after discovering a report online claiming his net worth was $10million (£7.8million), and told fans he’s had “the same bedroom since I was 10 years old.”

“I’ve got f****ng New York wallpaper,” he even joked.

And that very patterned wallpaper can be seen behind his bed in the video tour of his bedroom!

“I’ve got less than £200 in my bank account right now. So who the f**k has got my $10 million?” he added.

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