Leona Lewis Romances Teen Wolf Star Colton Haynes In New 'Trouble' Music Video

14 September 2012, 10:54 | Updated: 14 September 2012, 11:12

The 'Run' singer is back with her romance themed music video for new single 'Trouble'.

Leona Lewis gets loved up with Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes in the music video for her brand new single 'Trouble'.

The 'Bleeding Love' singer is seen enduring an awkward break-up with the US heartthrob in the video, which also flashes back to a time when the couple were happy and in love.

The X Factor UK winner Leona revealed Colton's involvement in the music video last month, and flew out to Los Angeles to shoot the promo alongside the popular American actor.

The 'Trouble' music video sees Leona and Colton attending a party together where she sees him flirting with another girl, before they end up having a chaotic argument back at home that culminates in the London-born singer clapping the Teen Wolf actor.

Check out a picture of Leona Lewis and Colton Haynes dancing in the 'Trouble' music video below:

'Trouble' will serve as the second single to be released from Leona's upcoming third studio album, following the release of 'Collide' back in 2011.

Leona Lewis will officially release 'Trouble' on 5th October before returning with new album 'Glassheart' on 15th October.

Check out Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes in the music video for Leona Lewis' new single 'Trouble' below: