Lawson Reveal Details On 'When She Was Mine' Music Video

10 April 2012, 11:01 | Updated: 10 April 2012, 11:50

The four-piece tell why front man Andy could be the next George Clooney.

Lawson have announced that they will be premiering their official music video to their debut single 'When She Was Mine' tomorrow morning (11th April) at 8am.

The band spoke to about what their fans could expect from their Los Angeles filmed promo and discussed their time in Los Angeles.

Drummer Adam revealed: "It's performance based, there's a bit in a big white warehouse and there's a performance on a roof in LA overlooking the skyline at sunset. Then Andy Brown here has a little acting role with a girl all the way through. He's driving a car, he's walking through a market."

Bassist Ryan quipped: "He's kept his acting skills quiet until now."

"Just call me George, George Clooney – I'm getting grey bits in my beard actually as well. Nah, I wish," added Andy, before he confessed: "It was funny because the director just made it dead easy for me. It wasn't really acting it was sort of expressions, overacting you could say."

The track caused a stir amongst fans when it was first played on Capital last month with listeners hailing the song as "amazing".

Keep it Capital for all the latest news on the hotly anticipated group and check out their official website for more information on Lawson.

You can watch Lawson speaking to about the music video to their new track 'When She Was Mine' below: