Lawson On The Wanted's New Album: "It's Going To Be Their Best So Far" - Video

3 October 2012, 07:52 | Updated: 3 October 2012, 11:31

The 'Taking Over Me' stars say they are very impressed by the 'I Found You' band's latest record.

Lawson have predicted The Wanted's new album will be their "biggest" yet and have praised the 'Glad You Came' stars as being "amazing" performers and songwriters.

The 'When She Was Mine' four-piece say they are good friends with The Wanted after supporting them on tour in the past, and have been loving the group's new single 'I Found You'.

"It's a great song. It's awesome. It's quite old school  as well," Lawson's Ryan Fletcher revealed exclusively to Capital FM. "It's a bit nineties in there! Put my name down!"

The 'Taking Over Me' band also praised The Wanted's talent as songwriters, and said they expect the group's upcoming third studio album to be "their best". 

"I've heard a couple [of songs]. I think they're amazing," singer Andy Brown explained. "It's going to be their best album so far.

"They're not only awesome guys but they are really talented writers as well. And also amazing performers," he went on to say. "I think it's going to be their biggest album so far."

Check out a picture of the single artwork for The Wanted's new song 'I Found You' below:

Lawson are currently preparing to release their debut album 'Chapman Square' on 22nd October, after the launch of their next single 'Standing In The dark' on 14th October. 

The Wanted are set will return with their new single 'I Found You' on 4th November.

Watch Lawson talking to Capital FM about The Wanted's upcoming third album below: