Lawson's Andy Brown: "'Standing In The Dark' Is Also About The Saturdays' Mollie King"

14 October 2012, 06:41 | Updated: 14 October 2012, 06:45

Singer Andy Brown chats to Capital about the group's much-anticipated new single, which is out now.

Lawson's Andy Brown has revealed that the band's new single 'Standing In The Dark' is the second song he has written about his split from The Saturday's Mollie King.

The singer broke up with Mollie in 2011 and has previously revealed that the band's single 'When She Was Mine' was also written about the 'All Fired Up' star.

In an interview with Capital FM, Andy admitted his split from Mollie "hurt me hard" and said he wrote 'Standing In The Dark' with bandmate Ryan Fletcher after seeing photographs of Mollie with her next boyfriend, thought to be male supermodel David Gandy.

"What happened was, we split up and I wrote quite a few songs about it," Andy told Capital. "It was hard because she just started going out with a ridiculously good looking guy after me.

"'When She Was Mine' was a song about that, but 'Standing In The Dark' was the first song – I wrote it with Ryan on the day we saw her with this new guy in the paper and stuff. It did hurt me hard."

Lawson are currently preparing to release 'Standing In The Dark' as their next single:

He added: "We wrote the song and that's where the line 'There's someone else's angel' because that used to be by pet name for her."

Lawson's new single 'Standing In The Dark' is available to download now.

The track is the third single to be taken from their debut album 'Chapman Square', which is released on 22nd October.

Listen to Lawson talking about the inspiration behind 'Standing In The Dark' below:

Lawson's Andy Brown reveals 'Standing In The Dark' inspiration