WATCH: Lawson Have Dropped An Acoustic Version Of 'Money' And They've NEVER Sounded Better!

23 February 2016, 11:47

LAWSON - Money acoustic


The vocals, the guitar.... the CHEEKBONES. Everything about this performance is perfect.

The Lawson boys have ALWAYS been a talented bunch of chaps but they just took things #nextlevel with their acoustic recording of brand new single 'Money'.

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The band release 'Money' next month as their NEXT single from their upcoming second album and this re-recording of the track PRETTY much had us swooning the whole way through.
From singer Andy Brown's HAUNTINGLY perfect vocals to bassist Ryan being SERIOUSLY hawt throughout - hit play on the video above and see the Lawson boys at their BEST.

Lawson officially release 'Money' as their brand new single on 18th March.

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