Lawson Fans Send Them A Fan-Fiction Version Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

22 February 2013, 15:41

The 'Learn To Love Again' band say they recently discovered they have "pretty kinky" fans.

Lawson have revealed that one of their fans wrote a fan-fiction novel adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey about them.

The 'Taking Over Me' four-piece have joked that they seem to have quite "kinky" fans, after receiving a 200 page Fifty Shades inspired book featuring them all as characters.

"In the UK someone did give us a fan book like 'Fifty Shades Of Lawson' and with some filthy things they had written down," drummer Adam Pitts revealed to MTV News this week. "It was about, like, 100, 200 pages long, very well written.

"[It had] a very specific vocabulary," guitarist Joel Peat added.

The story also led bassist Ryan Fletcher to admit that he thinks Lawson's fans are "pretty kinky to be honest", while he also revealed an S&M inspired fan encounter during their recent stay in New York.

Check out a picture of Lawson on their US tour earlier this year below (Credit: Capital FM):

"There was some fans that had figured out what floor me and Joel were staying on the other night when we got back to the hotel, and this was in New York," Ryan explained. "They were just waiting at the hotel room with a bag and they gave us this bag and inside was handcuffs, a bottle of Jack Daniels, a whip and a blindfold!"

Lawson's 'Chapman Square' UK tour continues tonight (22nd February) with a second show in Manchester before heading on for performances in Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield and London, among other cities.