Lawson On Ed Sheeran: "We'd Love To Be Friends With Him" - Video

19 April 2012, 07:48

The 'When She Was Mine' four-piece name the 'Drunk' singer as one of their favourite artists right now.

Lawson say they really respect Ed Sheeran and would love to be friends with the 'Lego House' singer.

The four-piece band, who unveiled the music video for their debut single 'When She Was Mine' earlier this month, say they have been inspired by the success the 21 year-old singer-songwriter has had with his 2011 album '+'.

"We really look up to Ed, because he's so real," Lawson's Joel told

"We were saying earlier about people who have gigged all over the country, get people to know about them and then go on to have the single and release things. Just sort of an organic journey.

"So we really look up to Ed Sheeran," he explained. 'I think he's done remarkably well and done a lot of work and stuff."

Fellow band members Adam and Ryan also said they admire the success Ed has had and admitted they would love to be friends with the 'BRIT Award winning singer.

"He seems like a really nice guy as well," Adam said.

"I'd love to be friends with him," Ryan added. "Ed, if you're listening, please be my friend! Let's go out for dinner!"

The band often perform their cover of Ed's 'The A Team' during their live sets and recently revealed who their dream collaborations would include the likes of Christina Perri and Kelly Clarkson.

Lawson are due to kick off their seven-date tour of the UK on 14th May with a performance in Glasgow at the O2 ABC.

You can watch Lawson talking about their respect for Ed Sheeran to below:

You can check out all the latest information on Lawson on their official website right here.