Lawson Aiming To Follow Ed Sheeran By Cracking America In 2013

5 February 2013, 12:51

The 'Standing In The Dark' band say they want to play as many gigs as possible in the US this year.

Lawson have revealed their aim for 2013 is to follow in the footsteps of fellow UK star Ed Sheeran and try to crack America.

The 'Taking Over Me' four-piece say they are looking forward to playing more and more gigs over the pond, and will enjoy having a "clean slate" with US audiences.

"Next on our hit list is America where we've been able to play our first shows," Lawson told the Daily Star this week. "Over there we have a clean slate and can be the band we want to be.

"Some people in the UK see us as a boy band, which is fair enough because of the way we look, but we're more of a pop/rock band because we play instruments.

"It's pop music and it always will be, but it's playing it," they explained. When Ed [Sheeran] went to America he gigged his arse off, and that's what we'd like to do a well, as many gigs as possible."

Check out a picture of Lawson enjoying their stay in America last month below:

Lawson have just returned from a three-date short tour of North America that saw them perform for the first time in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, Canada.

After their UK return Andy, Joel, Ryan and Adam shared their thanks on Twitter to the US audiences for giving them such a warm welcome.

Lawson are back on the road this month and will begin their 'Chapman Square' UK tour with a show at the Manchester Academy on 21st February.