Lawson Unveil 'Chapman Square' Debut Album Artwork Ahead Of October Release

20 September 2012, 21:26

The 'Taking Over Me' four-piece have given fans their first look at the cover of their debut record.

Lawson have unveiled the cover art for their debut album 'Chapman Square' ahead of its release next month.

The 'When She Was Mine' four-piece gave fans their first look at the record's cover this evening (20th September), after fans were able to unlock the artwork through Twitter.

The 'Chapman Square' artwork sees singer Andy Brown, drummer Adam Pitts, guitarist Joel Peat and bassist Ryan Fletcher posing in the middle of a wooded area while sat on leather chairs next to a window.

After unlocking the album cover for fans on Twitter the band later posted thanks for the positive feedback the artwork had received after its unveiling.

"Glad you all like the artwork :D," Adam tweeted, while Joel also posted: "Thanks for all your tweets about the artwork! Delighted you're all loving it! #LawsonAlbumArtwork."

Check out the newly unveiled album artwork for Lawson's debut record 'Chapman Square' below:

Lawson announced their debut album last month and have since revealed that the name 'Chapman Square' was chosen for an important reason.

"It's very important place to us," singer Andy Brown revealed. "It's where we first met as a band and first did our rehearsals, first did our writing sessions together."

Lawson are currently preparing for the release of their new single 'Standing In The Dark', the follow-up to 'Taking Over Me', on 14th October, while 'Chapman Square' is set for release on 22nd October.

The band have promised to unveil the music video for 'Standing In The Dark' this coming Monday (24th September).