Lawson's 'Brokenhearted' Music Video For First Play On Capital TV - Video

23 May 2013, 12:15 | Updated: 27 May 2013, 10:10

The 'Taking Over Me' stars have also been telling Capital exactly what fans can expect from their latest video.

Lawson's brand new music video for new song 'Brokenhearted' will receive its first play on Capital TV.

The 'Learn To Love Again' four-piece confirmed that the video for their team-up with US rapper B.o.B will be played for the first time on Capital TV on Monday (27th May) at midnight.

The first play of the 'Brokenhearted' will be preceded by a special programme at 11.30pm on Capital TV called Lawson First Play: The Warm-Up, which will get everyone ready for the video's premiere with a rundown of the band's past hits.

The 'Taking Over Me' stars filmed the music video out in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles several weeks ago, and have teased what fans can expect from the promo in a new interview with Capital FM.

Watch Lawson teasing their brand new music video for 'Brokenhearted' below:

"It's a typical Lawson video really," singer Andy Brown told Capital about the new video, while bassist Ryan Fletcher added: "It's got girls, it's got LA, it's got sun, it's got a party, it's got rooftops!"

"We when back to [the director] for our first video for 'When She Was Mine'," drummer Adam Pitts explained. "We went back to work with him because we were always so happy with that video.

"Keep an eye out for some similarities in the videos as well, that we've tried to continue from "When She Was Mine' to this one, deliberate ones," Ryan added.

Check out a new picture of the 'Standing In The Dark' band below:

Lawson will release their new single 'Brokenhearted', featuring B.o.B  on 7th July and fans can pre-order the track now on iTunes.