Doja Cat Responds To Lana Del Rey's Instagram Post Saying 'Gang Sunk That Dunker'

22 May 2020, 14:34

Doja Cat responds to Lana Del Rey's Instagram statement
Doja Cat responds to Lana Del Rey's Instagram statement. Picture: Instagram @dojacat @lanadelrey

Doja Cat has replied to Lana Del Ray's Instagram statement about her music being criticised whilst Ariana Grande and Beyoncé don't face the same level of scrutiny- and it's all kind of confusing.

Doja Cat has hit back at Lana Dey Rey's controversial Instagram statement name checking a variety of female pop stars including Doja, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj and the 'Say So' singer doesn't appear have time for Lana's comments.

Her four word comment, however, is kind of cryptic and fans are debating amongst themselves what it means, and if she comes with peace, or shade...

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Doja Cat responds to Lana Del Ray on Instagram
Doja Cat replies to Lana Del Ray's controversial Instagram post. Picture: Instagram @dojacat

Doja replied 'gang sunk that dunker' under the 'Summertime Sadness' singer's post that attracted a whole lot of attention asking why pop stars could 'wear no clothes' without criticism but her music is accused of 'glamourising abuse'.

Opinion has been divided between those who didn't see Lana calling out other stars, who she says are her biggest inspiration, as shady, and others who saw name-checking other stars, many of which are women of colour, as necessary or appropriate.

Now Doja has stepped in, many are wondering what her comment even means to begin with, with some suggesting she's throwing shade Lana's way and telling her fandom to step in.

Some are suggesting she's challenging, or threatening Lana, with one user writing: "Not Lana deleting Doja Cat comment Bc Doja said we gonna jump her" where as others are confused, writing: "Me trying to understand what the hell Doja cat comment means under lana’s post."

After posting to her 16 million followers, Lana stepped into her own comments section to clear up she didn't mean any offence in mentioning the other stars, calling them her 'favourite' singers, and denied it had anything to do with race.

Lana Del Rey insists name checking pop stars wasn't to be shady
Lana Del Rey insists name checking pop stars wasn't to be shady. Picture: Instagram @lanadelrey

People are arguing Lana has enjoyed nothing but success throughout her career, and are wondering why she can't let Doja, a relative newcomer to the industry enjoy her newfound fame without bringing her down.

One fan tweeted: "And seriously what the hell is Lana Del Rey even crying about? Every time she drops,she does numbers and critics go crazy. Gotdamn you cant let Doja Cat have her moment?"

"That young lady stuck french fries up her nostrils to get us to pay attention. She earned this."

Lana hasn't yet responded to Doja, and no other pop star mentioned in her post has spoken about it either.

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