Lady Gaga's Surfing Snaps

Who knew that Gaga was secretly a talented surfer?

The 'You And I' singer has been spotted riding some waves, and doing a great job at it, while on holiday with mates in Mexico.

"For a relative beginner she took to surfing really well," a source spilled.

"She started quite slowly learning how to bodyboard and then she was able to work up to standing.

"She made excellent progress."

Lady Gaga has just released the new music video for her next single 'You And I' and has also been spending lots of time at the recording studio lately so the trip to Mexico allows Gaga some rest.

The 'Judas' singer and her mates have been staying at a swish beach resort in Puerto Vallarta costing £4,250 a night according to The Sun, and she seems to be enjoying her time out of the spotlight.

"She has been very relaxed since she arrived at the resort," the source added.

"(She) is just looking to unwind from her punishing timetable on the road."

Lady Gaga posted this picture of her practising the new hobby tweeting, "Yeah thats me. no heels baby."

Lady Gaga Surfing