Lady Gaga Dresses In White For Trip To See Sick Friend

Lady Gaga wore an understated outfit as she went to hospital to visit a sick friend this week.

The 'Born This Way' singer was spotted arriving at the New York hospital carrying a bunch of flowers and a red rose, while being flanked by her minders.

Lady Gaga had earlier revealed that one of her closest friends was ill on Twitter after a fan sent her flowers marked: "To Gaga's dear friend."

The 'You And I' star said: "It's why I have the best fans in the world. Thank you for sending love to me + my friend whose (sic) sick. Please pray."

In another post on Twitter, she added: "It's at times like this I wish you could all crawl in bed with me and cuddle. You remind me everything will always be ok."

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is expected to reveal her 'Marry The Night' video in the coming weeks.

The single is the latest to be taken from her album 'Born This Way' and is released in November.

Lady Gaga in white