Lady Gaga Threw A Pizza & Autograph Party For Fans After She Had To Cancel Her Gig

6 September 2017, 16:16

Lady Gaga pizza

Mother Monster made sure her fans weren’t left hanging after she had to cancel a show due to illness.

Lady Gaga had to postpone her concert in Montreal this week after she got ill from performing in the rain, but she didn't let her fans be too disappointed - she made sure to make up for it a little bit by sending down a bunch of pizzas and her autograph for the diehard Little Monsters who had been waiting outside her hotel for her. 

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Gaga had announced she could no longer perform on Twitter earlier: 

She then revealed which hotel she was staying at and promised to send some cheesy goodness own to the awaiting fans: 

It's safe to say the pizza party lifted their spirits: 

She also delighted the fans by watching them from her hotel and letting them catch a glimpse of their idol in the flesh: 

Reason number 34724624 why Gaga is the best pop star to stan for - hope you're feeling better soon, Mother Monster! 

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