Lady Gaga Talks Defending One Direction At The VMAs 2013 On Max's Show This Sunday - Audio

6 September 2013, 11:59 | Updated: 6 September 2013, 12:05

The 'Applause' singer chats to Max this weekend and opens up about her views on the UK boy band sensation.

Lady Gaga has opened up about giving One Direction a pep talk after they were booed at the MTV Video Music Awards two weeks ago, saying it "really upset" her and questioning people's rudeness at the event.

The 'Applause' singer chats to Capital FM's Max about the incident on this Sunday's show (8th September), and says she confronted the UK boy band backstage to reassure them that they deserved to be there.

One Direction received notable boos at the VMAs while picking up the award for Song Of The Summer for their recent hit 'Best Song Ever', and Lady Gaga was later caught on film talking to the band about it.

"It really, really upset me," Lady Gaga told Max in a chat ahead of her iTunes Festival 2013 set. "It made me embarrassed for my country, for MTV. If we were at the Grammys or if we were at the Oscars that would never have happened.

"I don't know what's happening, the age that we live in, that people think it's OK to be that outspoken about your opinions [with] no sense of being polite, no sense of sophistication for the music industry," Gaga questioned. "It was really disturbing.

"I know what it's like to be in another country and be at an awards show, and if I was at the BRIT Awards and I were to win and I got booed, my point is that the British audience, I just don't feel that I would ever be booed here," the 'Marry The Night' singer explained.

Check out a picture of One Direction on stage at the VMAs 2013 below:

Lady Gaga went on to say that she didn't intend to be caught on film while giving One Direction a chat after the incident, and hailed the 'Live While We're Young' five-piece as "so down-to-earth and so sweet".

"I walked out at that point and I just happened to run into them and I didn't even know that anyone could hear me or anything I just genuinely wanted them to know that at least one person in the room thought that they deserve to be there, because I know how I would have felt.

"And they are really nice guys, so down-to-earth and so sweet and handsome and you can just tell they are really in it for the right reasons and they just love performing for their fans, and their fans love them," she added.

View a picture of Lady Gaga on stage at iTunes Festival 2013 below:

Listen to Max's full chat with Lady Gaga fresh from the star's iTunes Festival 2013 on Capital FM from 7pm this Sunday (8th September), along with an exclusive live session from Ellie Goulding.

Listen to Lady Gaga chatting to Capital FM's Max about One Direction being booed at the VMAs 2013 below:

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