Lady Gaga Has MRI Scan After Concussion: "My Brain Is A Floating Jellyfish"

20 June 2012, 11:09 | Updated: 20 June 2012, 12:21

The 'Born This Way' star says she is going to be fine after suffering an on stage injury.

Lady Gaga has had an MRI scan after suffering concussion during a gig in New Zealand.

The 'Marry The Night' singer was performing her track 'Judas' in Auckland earlier this month when a dancer accidentally dropped a pole on her head.

Despite being injured, Lady Gaga went on to finish her performance and later revealed that doctors had told her she was suffering from concussion.

The 'Born This Way' star also posted a picture on Twitter showing herself with a black eye.

In a message on Twitter today (20th June), Lady Gaga told her followers that she had gone for an MRI and that there were no other side-effects from her injury.

The star also joked about what her brain looked like in the MRI images.

She wrote: "Went for an MRI. No harm from the concussion but it appears my brain is just water and a large floating jellyfish."

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way Ball' tour has since moved to Australia, where the singer has said she was having a "lovely time" meeting her Little Monsters.

The star is due to return to the UK on tour in September for a run of gigs, including two at London's Twickenham Stadium.

The 'Paparazzi' star has also recently revealed that she will also be announcing the title of her new album in September.