Lady Gaga "Proud" Of Her Little Monsters After Launching Brave Bus Initiative

16 January 2013, 14:29

The 'Judas' singer has also sent her best wishes to Justin Bieber and his Beliebers fan base.

Lady Gaga launched her Brave Bus initiative at the 'Born This Way Ball' world tour to North America this week and said it felt like a "dream" to see so many of her fans coming together.

The 'You & I' singer's Brave Bus will follow her around for the remainder of the tour and aims to help combat bullying and youth self-esteem issues by giving fans somewhere to go for counselling and support.

Gaga smashed a bottle of champagne against the bus on Monday to celebrate the launch, ahead of her Tacoma Dome show in Washington, before welcoming people onto the Brave Bus and giving a few lucky fans a hug.

The 'Judas' star opted to dress up for the occasion in a tweed jacket, black trousers and a fedora hat, while celebrating the launch with a select few fans from the Peace Out after-school program.

"Hundreds of people came to the #BornBraveBus yesterday, so much great work done already," Gaga tweeted after the event. "So proud of monsters for showing up, that is brave.

"Watching kids share their stories + support one another at #BornBraveBus was my dream, coming together to be kind and make friends."

Check out a picture of Lady Gaga celebrating the launch of her Brave Bus this week below:

The 'Marry The Night' singer has also posted a special message for Justin Bieber to say she is "so proud" of him, after he revealed it has been six years since he started his career.

"So proud of @JustinBieber and all the Beliebers!" Gaga tweeted. "I'm only happy to see your fans growing in size, you all deserve it! Monsters support you!"

Lady Gaga's show in Tacoma was also memorable because of the US star's unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, which saw a pair of latex trousers she was wearing split open during an energetic dance routine.

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way Ball' world tour continues with shows across Oregon, California and Arizona over the next few weeks.