Gaga and Ono

Lady Gaga's shared a stage with Yoko Ono this weekend.

Gaga towered over the 70 year old as she took to the stage in a pair of massive platform boots and a crystal studded bodysuit as she joined the Plastic Ono Band.

The band is a group of musicians which John Lennon put together - it would have been his 70th birthday this week.

Gaga tweeted: 'We are Plastic Ono. I got to sit in as a guest musician tonight, what a legendary band + mother, Yoko.'


Meanwhile Lady Gaga's apparently wants to get married in a British castle.

She's said to have told members of her stage crew that she wants to tie the knot with Luc Carl after performing in the UK in December.

For the entertainment she wants burlesque star Dita Von Teese to spring from a cake and perform one of her raunchy routines!